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Interview | What to eat in Turin? Here are some tips from Chef Andrea Amerio for a tasty Eurovision 2022!

For the next Eurovision Song Contest 2022 held in Turin, we decided to create a series of articles with tips and interviews with people from the host city, to learn more about the city that will host the contest next May, and of course its food too.

Since Italy won, fans have immediately gone wild making comments and memes about the thing everyone fall for us for: food!

I know you are already dreaming of the delicious food, cakes, patries etc. you will taste! That’s why we asked the Turin chef Andrea Amerio to tell us something more about Turin food and the delicacies you can’t miss during your visit in the city for Eurovision 2022!

The interview 💬

Hi Andrea, can you tell us something about yourself? Do you know Eurovision?

Hi, I’m Andrea Amerio, I’m 32 years old and I’m a chef born and raised in Turin! I’m 100% piedmontese!
I can’t consider myself a Eurovision fan, but I know this contest and I sometimes watched the show. I kind of like it , it’s like the Euro Cup of music! Thanks to Måneskin and their victory in May, Eurovision has become more famous and known in Italy than before!

What do you think of the fact that Turin will host this big international event?

It’s surely a very positive thing! Unfortunately in the past, the city lost the chance to host some important international events, held in other cities like Milan for example, so it’s good for me to see such important events like the tennis ATP finals or Eurovision held in my own city. These events will surely increase tourism, help the local economy and the local businesses, like mine for example, and bring improvements for the infrastructures.

For example the winter Olympics held in 2006, had a positive impact you can still feel nowadays. Eurovision is an event that hopefully will make local administration understand what to improve, like marketing, support for local businesses or infrastructures, etc. And hopefully even after Eurovision, we’ll keep on getting the benefits from this event! Unfortunately Turin is not very known abroad, because we never really invested in marketing and promotion, and that’s sad because Turin has a lot to offer!

So let’s start talking about food! Can you name 5 delicacies you absolutely need to taste in Turin?

[As I thought, we couldn’t make it to name only five typical dishes to taste, so here we are! 😆]

I’d say the most typical piedmontese food is the raw meat, thin or beaten. Piedmont generally has a lot of beef and veal specialties, like Frisona, Chianina, Fassone etc. since there are a lot of cattle farming here. So, there are a lot of dishes with roasted or braised meat. Then, you can try ‘vitello tonnato’: thin slices of veal, called “magatello”, covered with a tasty and appetizing sauce of tuna, capers and anchovies.

Vitello tonnato, ricetta originale
Vitello tonnato alla piemontese | Photo: sfizioso.it

Then you can try ‘agnolotti del plin’, egg pasta stuffed with veal, pork or chicken, covered with roast meat sauce. Then we have tradition of fresh pasta like “tajarin” or “taglierini”. For the boldest, you can try “bagna cauda”! It’s a hot sauce made of garlic, anchovies and oil, you can dip raw or cooked vegetables in. As dessert, you should definetely try: ‘bunet’, a pudding made of chocolate and amaretto; ‘hazelnuts chocolate’ which Piedmont is one of the greatest exporters in the world; the famous ‘Gianduia’, a kind of chocolate which was invented right here in Turin. Let me tell you the story behind this dessert: century ago chocolate was expensive, and not everybody could effort to buy it. So, a pastry chef in Turin decided to mix chocolate with hazelnuts, since he had a lot of them. And so he invented gianduia, a less expensive option!

So, how can we describe the Piedmontese/Turin food? Is it known enough to you?

As you may notice, Piedmont has a typical land cuisine, since we don’t have the sea, very mountain we could say. We have lots of meat dishes, cheeses, rice, corn flour (to make “polenta” for example). It’s a cuisine mainly for winters, to face the cold temperatures. It’s not the “classic italian cuisine”, with mozzarella and tomato sauce, we have them also of course, but they’re not the typical ingredients of our regional food tradition. Events like Eurovision can help to make piedmontese cuisine more famous, since it’s not very known in the rest of the world.

The main events for Eurovision will be held at the Pala Alpitour and Piazza San Carlo. Which traditional places where to eat near them, do you suggest to try?

The Pala Alpitour is located in Santa Rita neighborhood, a residential district, so unfortunately there are not very typical or traditional places where to eat. Piazza San Carlo instead, is located in the historical city center, so there are way more traditional places to go. First you can try Caffè San Carlo, in the homonymous square. For lunch, dinner and nightlife you could also move towards Quadrilatero district, very few km from Piazza San Carlo.

There you can find the Michelin- Starred Del Cambio Restaurant. It’s quite expensive, but you can have very traditional Turin food there. Also, the Tre Galline restaurant is the right choice to try typical local food in a traditional restaurant. Last but not least, Bicerin Cafè is the perfect place to try the traditional bicerin! It’s a hot drink with dark chocolate, coffee and topped with milk cream. Pay attention, because there is also the homonymous famous Piedmontese liquor with gianduia taste, coffee and cream.

Al Bicerin | Photo: fromturinwithlove.com

Before leaving, how would you personally describe Turin?

Turin is an elegant city, it’s the city of the Savoy family, the former Italian royal family. Unfortunately it’s an underrated city and often not under the spotlight. But it’s full of historical sites and the city center is way more historical than Milan for example, even if it’s a more attractive destination, because it’s more modern and full of events. But if you ask me, for the historical aspect, Torino is way more attractive!

Thanks to Andrea for this interview! So, what is your favourite food you’ll definetely try in Turin? Let us know on our social profiles!

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